Denver Doula

Kelsey Gossett and Monet Moutrie met on their first day of college. Random roommates, they immediately bonded over a shared appreciation of peanut butter brownies, travel, and photography. Within months, they were best friends. After graduation, they married their college sweethearts and decided to call Colorado home. 

When they both became pregnant in 2012, Kelsey and Monet began to explore the world of pregnancy and birth together. The stories they read, the photographs they saw, and the conversations they shared convinced them that there was power in connection. In 2013, Cord was born. 

Cord aims to provide a safe space to encourage, inform, and connect women as they travel down the road of pregnancy and parenthood.  


Monet and Kelsey launched the Cord Doula Collective in 2015. The Cord Doula Collective serves clients up and down the front range with labor and postpartum doula services, night nanny sleep support, placenta encapsulation, childbirth education and community support events. The Cord Collective not only seeks to empower expectant couples through pregnancy, birth and postpartum, but also provides a network of support for local doulas. 

Additionally, Kelsey photographs breastfeeding women across Colorado, and Monet is the birth photographer behind Monet Nicole - Birthing Stories