Jessica Brabham, Director of Operations, Labor and Postpartum Doula

Jessica Brabham is a Denver birth doula and postpartum doula. Her philosophy is rooted in respect for each mother’s ability to make choices about her own birthing and postpartum experience. Her desire is to provide mothers with nurturing support and education so that she is able to make the decision that is right for her family while easing the transition into a new “normal.” She enjoys working in harmony with a client’s medical team to provide support during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. It is her passion that every mother receives the support she desires

Jessica and her husband share three children and live in Northglenn, CO. Upon graduating from University of Colorado at Denver with a degree in communication, Jessica began her family. She dedicated five years to nurturing her family before training with DONA International to become a birth doula. A year later, she trained with DONA to become a postpartum doula. She has worked at Denver and Boulder hospitals and is experienced in medicated/un-medicated births, VBACs, inductions, PMADs, water birth, and home births. When not assisting families as a doula, you will find Jessica volunteering or spending time with her young family.

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Amanda Raskind is a Labor & Postpartum Doula, as well as Cord Doula Collective’s Denver area placenta encapsulator. The New York native fell head over heals for all that is birth when she took a childbirth class at Indiana University. Infatuated with the power and beauty of the female body and her desire to educate and support mamas in this complex system, she became a DONA certified doula in Oakland, California in 2010. Amanda has birth experience in the hospital as well as within the home, working with clients from a multitude of backgrounds. Her highest intention is to facilitate the goals of her clients and their medical teams with warmth, ease and integrity. 

Today, you can find Amanda café hopping as she works to finish up her nursing degree at the Denver School of Nursing. When she is off the clock and out of the books, she is most likely out and about exploring her new Colorado home.




Amy Meilen has lived in Colorado with her family since 1996.  A mother of 8, Amy enjoys every aspect of family—partnership, pregnancy, birth, and every stage of child development.  Her children range in age from 3-27, giving her an abundant opportunity to learn from each of them in all stages of child/parent relationships. Her career background is physical therapy. Graduating from Downstate Medical in Brooklyn, NY in 1991, she has practiced therapy for 25 years, most recently with kids and adults at her practice, Front Range Hippotherapy—using the amazing movement of the horse as a primary therapeutic tool.  Amy was always empowered by birth—even births that didn’t go as planned.  Her personal birth experiences, along with her relationships with care providers and Doulas, have inspired her on the doula path.  Years of experience, combined with an innate understanding of the body and physiology of birth, have helped ease this path and made her service as a doula natural and joyful.

Amy enjoys working with all pregnant women (and their partners), but particularly with women who have been labeled “high risk”.  Helping women to negotiate pregnancy with evidenced-based information, personal experience with ‘risk’ labels and assisting with dispelling fears, sets the stage for a beautiful, empowering birth experience and makes her a great match for couples in this category.  Working with Amy, a mom can expect to learn many labor and birth tricks and tools including positioning for birth, rebozo use, massage, aromatherapy, relaxation techniques, music and humor.  Amy is gifted with her hands and will teach moms and partners comfort measures that will not only help moms to better manage their labor, but will help couples feel closer throughout their pregnancy and birth.  Amy recognizes that birthing days can be transcendent and challenging.  Working with her can help moms/couples stay focused, nourished both physically and emotionally, and empowered, while experiencing this sacred event—the birth of their child.

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Caitlen Hathcock is a certified Placenta Arts Specialist and provides placenta encapsulation services to the Northern Colorado area. She is fully trained and certified with the Association for Placenta Preparation Arts (APPA). Her APPA education is very comprehensive and includes the history of the placenta, placenta traditions, pregnancy/placenta hormones and how they work in the body, postpartum mood disorders, placenta anatomy & physiology, placenta processing, and more. She has completed an APPA-specific course for Blood Borne Pathogens, compliant with OSHA standards for safety and sanitation with BBPs for placenta preparation, and has also completed a food handling safety certification. She works in a dedicated placenta preparation workspace in order to uphold the highest standard for safety and sanitation possible, and has very specific and rigorous protocol for placenta transport, refrigeration, preparation, dehydration, and sanitation. She only works on one placenta at a time in order to give full attention to detail and safety.

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Christi Trimble is a certified Birth & Bereavement Doula and Placenta Encapsulator in Colorado Springs. She has a deep passion for all things nutrition, pregnancy, and birth related and enjoys helping others find their power in navigating those parts of life. Through her own fertility and pregnancy journeys she has deeply explored nutrition and birth science and brings a well rounded and educated approach to prenatal, pregnancy, and postpartum. Christi is the only placenta encapsulator in Colorado Springs who has trained and certified with APPA and adheres to their high standard of expectations and client service. Her Birth & Bereavement training was completed through Stillbirthday and she assists families through birth in any trimester with any outcome.

When she is not involved in birth related activities she is continuing her Master Aromatherapist and Holistic Health Practitioner studies with American College of Healthcare Sciences. She is one course from completing a nationally accredited Alliance of International Aromatherapists' Level II Clinical Aromatherapy training, and will move on to testing for her Registered Aromatherapist credential afterwards. Christi has been married, to her husband and the Army, for 8 years. They have 2 beautiful kids with one one the way.

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Treanna Wade is a Colorado native, who loves birth! She's been active in the birth community ever since trying to conceive her first child with her husband Jeff. Conception did not come easily, and as such, she has a heart for fertility issues and has formed a deep respect for the female body and it's amazing capability. 

Treanna is trained with CAPPA as a labor doula and a lactation educator. She is passionate about assisting every mom through the process of bringing a new child into the world. She believes every mother deserves access to information so she can make informed decisions about her child's birth, and strives to stay current on research in the field. She also knows the power of a mother's intuition, and the beauty in giving a mom the chance to trust and listen to her intuition when she's experiencing one of the most intimate experiences of her life - labor and birth! 

Treanna lives in Fort Collins with her husband, Jeff, her son, Levi, and daughter, Opal. She has a bachelors in science and is working to make that a BS in Nursing so that one day she can become a Certified Nurse Midwife.

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Lauren Fleecs is a Birth Doula who has a profound admiration, respect, and passion for birth and for serving women! She is an enthusiastic learner who has felt a call to medicine and working in pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Educated in Rochester, NY, she is a prospective Doctor of Medicine aspiring to work as an OB/GYN. In her birth practice, Lauren seeks to provide education and assistance for mothers and their partners to make informed decisions to best suit their desires and needs. Combining her knowledge of aromatherapy, imagery, massage, and other methods of relaxation with her understanding of integrated Western medicine, Lauren aims to work in unity with medical teams, families, and partners to provide the necessary support and comfort to mamas. Lauren strives to empower and advocate in order to best guide, care, and support through personal and unique experiences before, during, and just after birth. 

She is DONA trained and has experience with families and women in need, supporting labors in hospitals and homes, and assisting VBACs, epidurals, and other forms of medicated and unmedicated births. Outside of birth, you can most likely find Lauren volunteering at a local horse rescue, exploring the mountains, or spending time with family.