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Postpartum Birth Story Processing

Birth is profound - it is powerful. It has the capacity to evoke an enormous range of emotions: from leaving us breathless with bliss to disheartened by disappointment or shame, our birth stories are watershed moments that forever change the course of our lives. Whether your birth was empowering and peaceful or harrowing and traumatic, processing your birth experience is vital to finding insight, liberation and healing.  If you have had a positive birth experience, our Birth Story Processing Circles give you an outlet to share and celebrate your empowering, joyful experience. If your birth left you feeling scarred and disillusioned, the Cord Birth Story Processing Circles provide you with a save environment to share and process your birth experience. Often, labor and birth is so impactful,  mothers and birth partners require professional assistance in processing the experience. Led by certified Birth Story Listeners, this two hour guided personal growth experience can help you transform trauma into freedom or happiness into empowerment. 

We offer Birth Story Processing in either a group or a private setting, depending on personal preferences and needs. 

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