Birth Mark: Denver Birth Photographer Captures Early Birth

These beautiful photographs and words come from the very talented Alicia Wendland, a Denver birth and newborn photographer. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

I got the call from Nicole just after midnight on January 13th that she and Derek were heading to the hospital with steady contractions. It was her 36th week. We had met just 12 hours before to sign their contract and talk birth story specifics as they had just decided they wanted their birth story captured. Being her first pregnancy and baby girl measuring small, we discussed what going past her due date might look like and different instances that could change when I would arrive on the day (induction, etc.). We didn’t talk about going early as she’d had a perfectly healthy pregnancy with absolutely no signs of going early. Goes to show that babies come when they are ready!

They were admitted by the morning, and I showed up shortly thereafter. She labored through the morning, walked the hallways to get things going stronger, her husband there at her side to work through contractions. It was a beautiful, sunny, windy day outside, and warm dreamy light filled their labor room. The afternoon rolled around with contractions still going, but not much progress. They were discussing options with their midwife to either stay, or to go home and wait for things to pick up stronger. Following their hearts, they stayed, knowing that it was the day. They just knew, I could see it in their faces (and in Nicole’s contractions). Stressed from the early labor and making the decision to stay, Nicole relaxed with a bath and I went home to rest until things picked up. A few hours later I got the call that she was 6cm, her water had broke, but there was no need to rush– it looked like it would be awhile longer for her arrival. With a little bit of a drive ahead of me (40 minutes) I decided to leave immediately. Good thing I did, because I walked into their room and Hayden was born 8 minutes later at 10:24pm! This mama rocked natural labor + birth from beginning to end. I’m still so enlightened by her strength, and she and Derek’s amazing chemistry (something I already knew from their maternity session and just getting to know them).

Sweet baby Hayden just couldn’t wait any longer to meet her mommy & daddy! She arrived thriving at a 5lbs 3oz.