Birth Mark: Colorado Birth Photography Hypnobirth Homebirth

Jennifer Mason of Jennifer Mason Photography captured these amazing images. Her ability to see and gather more than just a picture, but a moment, an emotion, a story - it is a gift. Please enjoy! We look forward to sharing many more birthmarks in the months to come. 

A Note From Jennifer: Since photographing my first birth at the end of 2013, I’ve been pretty excited to find another family who was willing to allow me into their inner circle on their birthing day.  When I got a message from Cassie right after the holidays that she was due in just a few weeks, on January 16th,  I was beyond excited.  Cassie and her team were planning a peaceful homebirth with baby #2.   She shared her birth story of her first child with me, she was born at the local birth center, and after hearing Cassie's experience with baby #1, I knew that baby #2 would have an amazing birthing day and it would be amazing to photograph.  Cassie used Hypnobabies for her first birth and I’ve read such amazing birth stories from Hypnobabies use, that I was excited to see it in practice.  Let me tell you, I am a believer — Cassie had a fear free and very empowering, birth.

Cassie and I had planned to meet for a play date  with our kiddos prior to baby’s arrival, but we had to postpone our meeting.  When we postponed, I told Cassie that I just had the ‘vibe’ that she might birth this coming weekend, and I wanted to make sure she was still comfortable with me coming even if we hadn't met yet.  She was, and that was good for me because I got the call from her Sunday night at around 8pm that baby was coming that night or next morning.  She said that someone would give me a call when I needed to come and about 3 hours later, Cassie’s doula, Leila, called and said baby was on its way!  I got dressed, made tea, and put my gear in the car as I made the midnight drive to their home. When I arrived at midnight, I could hear the moans of labor from inside and it sounded like baby was near.   Cassie was truly a birthing goddess and I was in awe of her strength and power.  Her husband was a pillar of support and strength, although Cassie had it all under control.  The midwives watched and checked her, but they stayed pretty hands off, because Cassie's body was doing what it was supposed to.   At 12:31 baby girl Lumen was born, surrounded by sister Aster, grandmother and best friends.   She is beautiful and a lucky girl to be brought into this amazing family.  Here is the pictorial of her peaceful birth.