Pregnancy Knot: Melissa Summers

Cord Mama

How Far Along Are You?
36 weeks 

How Are You Feeling Physically?
Not like a "magical pregnancy unicorn" like I did with Levi, that's for sure! I have symphysis pubis disorder this pregnancy which makes every day activities painful, especially when getting up off the floor or trying to move in bed. I had to stop jogging early in this pregnancy(I jogged the whole way thorough with my first), and I had to stop my vigorous long walks around 28 weeks too. I would be practically debilitated by the time the night was over and all the next day if I went on a walk! Honestly, I'd have to say I don't feel that great. Which is hard to admit but it's just the way things have been this time around! 

How Are You Feeling Emotionally?
A little overwhelmed I'd say! Being pregnant with a body that's not working well is hard! And we are building a house that's not looking like it's going to be ready in time for our homebirth so we are having to just wait and see what happens and make back up plans. The place we are living right now is very small and I'm constantly bumping into things and breaking things, and sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I feel overwhelmed and it makes me really emotional (I was pretty even keeled the first pregnancy) and I find myself breaking down and crying ALOT! 

How Are You Preparing for Birth?
This time around I haven't done much to prepare for childbirth. I occasionally, when I'm not in pain, do some exercises, or try to read birth stories online, but I just don't have as much time this time around! I do have my birth kit and supplies ready, and have spent some time making things like Laborade concentrate, and bone broth. I stocked up on some essential oils, I'm working on a labor playlist, and just gathering things like a heating pad and other items I know will help me relax while laboring! 

What Do You Love Most About Being Pregnant?
Dreaming about our son and feeling and watching him move all around! He's quite strong, active, and seems very opinionated already which is very different than our first son! 

Any Cravings?
Cold, cool refreshing drinks or fruit. But mostly nothing new! I just love and want good food to eat as always!

What Makes You Feel Best?
A peaceful day with my toddler, a good talk with my husband or a lavender Epsom salt bath!