Pregnancy Knot: Georgia Johnson

Cord Pregnancy Knot

I met Georgia several years ago through our baking blogs, Anecdotes and Apple Cores and the Comfort of Cooking. Georgia's warm and compassionate personality can be felt on every post she shares. Her readership has grown by the thousands...and it's easy to see why. She shares good food that brings people together. You can't go wrong with a visit to her blog.

I was beyond thrilled when I learned of Georgia's pregnancy earlier this year...and even more excited when I learned she was having a little girl. I gave birth to my first daughter last June, and Georgia and Mark will be welcoming their daughter this summer too. 

I hope you enjoy these photographs and  words. Make sure to visit her blog too! 

How far along are you in your pregnancy?

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and feeling every inch of it!

How are you feeling physically?

Big and full of belly, but healthy! I’m more active at this late stage in my pregnancy, walking and stretching out my stresses at prenatal yoga. Exercise energizes me and keeps me feeling confident about my body. Balanced nutrition has been important to me, too. Everyone has lazy days on the couch with junk food; I just try and keep them to a minimum!

How are you feeling emotionally?

Happy to be nearing the end and eager to meet her, but a little nervous about what’s to come. As first timers, we’re getting lots of advice so it’s hard to know what to take seriously and what we’ll just figure out along the way. I’m thinking the trial and error approach will be best, but we’re learning all we can!

What do you love most about being pregnant?

Her kicks crack me up. Our little baby gymnast is most active in the evenings, so hubby’s hand is often on my belly, feeling her flex away. Those moments when we can both feel baby are so special. It’s an amazing thing to share. Baby clothes shopping is fun, too! The cuteness of girly-flowery-glittery things knows no bounds.

Any cravings?

cannot get enough fruit, particularly fresh berries and citrus. And ice cream. A pint of Blue Bell doesn’t stand a chance in this house. This girl’s got me craving sweets like never before!

  What makes you feel best right now?

Cute compliments from my husband make me feel like a million bucks, always have. He’s been an amazing emotional support through all my worries, stresses and TV-commercial-crying sessions. I’m so lucky to be creating this beautiful new life with my best friend.

Anything else you’d like to share with pregnant mamas?

I’m still trying to figure it all out, too. But, my best advice would be to just take care of yourself. Do what makes you feel good, whether that be staying active or reading a good book, organizing your home or just kicking back for the day. A happy, healthy mama-to-be is beautiful!