Pregnancy Knot: Katie from Something to Be Found

Pregnancy Knot Cord Mama

How far along are you in your pregnancy?

32 weeks, but according to the many people who like to comment on the size of my stomach, I look like I could give birth any day now. 

How are you feeling physically?

This is my third pregnancy and it seems the lower back pain started much sooner than the others. The likely reason; two toddler boys! Between lifting them in and out of the car, hunching over the tub for baths, bending down to clean up their toys (although recently I’ve resorted to sweeping up their toys), and chasing them at the playground when they run away after disregarding my threat to “come now or else!,” the back pain is inevitable– pregnant or not!  

I’m also finding myself quite winded after just a small flight of stairs. Add a bag of groceries or a 35 pound toddler to my arms and I’m straight up in need of an oxygen tank! 

How are you feeling emotionally?

A majority of the time I forget I’m even pregnant. My huge belly is a constant reminder, but with busy schedules I tend to focus on what’s happening in the moment and don’t spend too much time thinking about what life will be like in 6 weeks with THREE BOYS! That is until our 2 yr. old neighbor comes over to play and I get a glimpse into my future.

But one unforgettable pregnant moment I had recently is when I went in for an ultrasound. What popped up on the screen was not the grainy black and white image I was expecting… rather it was a colorful, 3D image of a real-life baby!!! I saw his big, squishy face,  a nose that resembles his brothers, and five little fingers curled into a fist.  It was love at first sight. 

How have you been preparing for childbirth? 

Cleaning out closets, bedrooms, and drawers. And selling stuff on Craig’s List. We live in a  1200 sq. foot house with 4 people, soon to be five! The less stuff we have the better! In fact, we actually got rid of a ton of baby-type toys and contraptions that had been taking up room in our attic. Stuffed animals, see ya! Stand & Play table… isn’t that what the coffee table is for? All a baby really needs is a vibrating seat, a rocker, a blanket and a few squishy toys. And two brothers.  

What do you love most about being pregnant?

The kicking, turning, punching and stretching. It feels like a mix of softballs, tennis balls and marbles rolling around in your stomach. The best is when you can feel (and see!) a specific body part like a foot or hand pushing outward. It freaks my husband and kids out, but they love feeling and watching it too! 

Annnnd, I also love the limited wardrobe. I am an  indecisive person, so the fewer the options I have, the quicker I can make a decision! For the summer I have one pair of jeans, one pair of shorts, 3 tank tops, 3 short-sleeve shirts, 2 dresses and a maxi skirt. 

Oh, and Southwest Airlines offering special PREBOARDING for pregnant women! 

Any cravings?

It’s June, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the BBQ’s are in action, and I’d love nothing more than to dunk my hand into an ice filled cooler and pull out a crisp Leinenkugel Summer Shandy… Well actually, that happens every weekend, but I’d prefer to drink it rather than hand it to my husband.

What makes you feel best right now?

We recently went on vacation to South Carolina and being buoyant in the swimming pool (when I didn’t have a 3 year old crawling on my back) was  the most relaxed my body has felt. Sadly our tiny plastic kiddie pool at home does not allow for the same relaxation.  We’ll be buying pool passes very soon!

Anything else you’d like to share with pregnant mamas?

I recommend buying the Belly Book- A 9 month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly. I had this book for my first two pregnancies and I diligently wrote in it every Sunday night before bed. There are a ton of questions and writing prompts throughout the book so it doesn’t require a lot of thinking (cause who needs that on a Sunday night!) There’s also a spot in each weekly section where you’re supposed to include a photo of yourself  (and your belly).  I have loved going back through those books to read the details of my pregnancies and remember the happenings of the time; favorite songs, major news events, family updates, etc. 

Sadly I’ve been a total slacker keeping this third book. I am determined to get it updated before he arrives though. All I need is some quiet children, a decluttered house, a cold Summer Shandy, and a relaxing pool…


I’m Katie. I am 33 years old and pregnant with my third BOY! My kids are 5 ½ and 3 which will make them all about 3 years apart. I worked as a part-time graphic designer for the last 5 years but was laid off in December 2013. It was a blessing in disguise, allowing me to spend more time with the kids, do freelance graphic design from home and pursue my passion for thrifting and upcycling. I blog, sell my wares at local flea markets, and teach thrifting and craft classes at Goodwill.