Pregnancy Knot: Amy Carota

Pregnancy Knot Cord

How far along are you?
34 weeks now!

How are you feeling physically?
I'm lucky to say that I've felt pretty good throughout this pregnancy! I had some morning sickness (nausea, food aversions) during my first trimester, and then some headaches during my second trimester. During my third trimester, I'm generally feeling big which definitely makes it hard to walk and sleep. It's harder to breathe and just walking across a parking lot seems to take more effort. I've also been having pretty regular Braxton Hicks contractions which feel more uncomfortable than painful, but they gave me a bit of a scare and I went to the hospital for them when I was getting them consistently one day. Luckily I wasn't in pre-term labor.

How are you feeling emotionally?
Emotionally I've been feeling slightly stressed that everything won't get done in time for baby. I work full-time and really only feel like I have weekends to accomplish things...and even then, not all of them are free. I know I could ask others to help but feel like I need to just get it done myself. 

How have you been preparing for childbirth?
My husband and I signed up for and took the childbirth and baby care classes at our hospital. I definitely feel like they prepared us  (or at least me) more- they educated us about the stages of labor and we learned a bit about breathing techniques. We also learned the basics of caring for a newborn including changing diapers and bathing. 

I also signed up for a breastfeeding class that my hospital offers and I'll be going this week. I'm really looking forward to going to that. And finally, my friend recommended that I read a book on the Bradley Method since I'd really like to have a natural labor, if possible. I haven't had time to read it yet but I'm hoping it will be helpful.

What do you love most about being pregnant?
I love feeling the baby move! I love how I look. I also really like that everyone comments on the pregnancy :) So far I haven't received any negative comments or unsolicited advice, thankfully. And I'm a lot less weirded out by people touching my belly than I thought I would be!

Any cravings?
I've mainly been craving lots of fresh, juicy fruit, which works out well since I'm pregnant in the summertime. I've been eating watermelon like nobody's business. I also seem to crave things that I smell or see- whenever I smell a bbq going on, I definitely want a burger or steak. 

What makes you feel best right now?
Resting :) I've been getting super exhausted easily. I have to take breaks really often whether I've been shopping, cooking, or pretty much anything on my feet.