Pregnancy Knot: Lisa Reither

How far along are you in your pregnancy?

I’m 24 weeks. Over halfway there!

How are you feeling physically?

I’ve been fortunate. Almost zero morning sickness or nausea in the first trimester, and the headaches I had in the second trimester have mostly subsided now. I feel stretched out and sleepy, but otherwise, I’m feeling pretty normal, just with a funny little potbelly where my jeans used to button closed.

How are you feeling emotionally?

A little numb, honestly. I tend to have delayed emotional reactions to things, though, so other than crying about spilling my Skittles all over the car, I can’t say it’s quite “hit me” yet, other than the initial highs of that positive pregnancy test and then finding out that we’re having a boy. I expect I’ll feel the overwhelming joy or crippling terror of becoming a parent approximately three years after this kid is born. You know, when I’m pregnant with his sibling, and when I really understand what we’re getting ourselves into.

How have you been preparing for childbirth? 

I’ve absorbed a lot of information and opinions about childbirth from articles and blogs over the years. Along with talking to my other mommy friends and trying to ignore all the labor horror stories my relatives want to tell me, we’ll be signing up for classes here in a couple weeks through our hospital. I’m also about to begin prenatal yoga classes.

Other than that, I’m trying not to think about the actual act of childbirth a whole lot. I know it’s coming, it definitely will happen, but millions upon millions of other women have done it, too. Childish or not, my competitive streak says, “If all those other women can do it, then surely, surely, I can do it, too.” I’m also sure that that kind of reasoning will be little to no comfort during the actual labor, but it works for now. 

What do you love most about being pregnant?

I have a whole section of food all to myself in our refrigerator, and my husband isn’t allowed to touch any of it. It’s my “pregnancy food,” and it’s all mine. I’m really going to miss that excuse in about four months, but I guess I can claim it’s my “breastfeeding food” at that point. I could keep this up for years, really.

Any cravings?

Sour candy, Triscuits (we have four different kinds in our pantry right now), lemon sorbet, and lime greek yogurt. I made my husband drive to King Soopers at 10:30 the other night to buy every single lime greek yogurt cup that they had, and those yogurts just about gone already. Since they were in my section of the fridge, though, I can only blame myself.

What makes you feel best right now?

Clouds. Cloudy days are my favorite even when I’m not pregnant, but now that I am, I’m a huge wimp about being even a little bit too hot. Our house is not air-conditioned, so anytime it’s above 80 degrees in my living room, I’m a real nightmare to be around. Sunny days are angry days around here.  

 Anything else you’d like to share with pregnant mamas?

My choice of healthcare provider has made a world of difference in my pregnancy so far. I have a wonderful CNM who is laid-back, calm, listens to me, and supports my ideas about my birth experience. I spent a long time overanalyzing online bios and growling about badly-organized websites before I found her and called her up, and I’m so thankful she took me on as a patient. So, the only advice I have is, if you ever decide you don’t like your practitioner, do not be afraid to switch to someone who fits your pregnancy better.