Birth Knot: Magical Foot Massage

Birth Knot Cord

Jude’s due date was May 24th, our 5 year wedding anniversary.  I was finishing my year teaching, and graduation was only a few days away.  But, I was DONE!  I was so ready for him to come.  I was huge, tired, uncomfortable, and ready to not be pregnant anymore.  On the 21st, desperate to get labor going, we decided to YouTube some ways to induce labor.  We found a helpful video on foot massage, and at that point, I was always up for a foot massage!  Not much after the foot massage, contractions began.  Jude being our second, I quickly got into the shower knowing that if I wanted to rest at all, I need to sleep now before labor really set in.  Again, we did about 8 hours at home, through the night, but I felt better because I got to sleep for a little while.  We arrived at the hospital around 6am.  They checked us into our room right away, and I immediately requested to get into the tub.  I labored there for a while.  The doctor checked me, and again I was stuck around 5-6cm.  They decided to break my water to see if it would help get things going.  They broke my water at 9am.  At 9:45am, Jude was here.  What happened in between was a blur.  All I remember was what seemed like one very long contraction!  They never came back down, just peaked and then plateaued at a high level.  I pushed him out in 3 pushes, I believe, and had one small tear—much better than Noah’s delivery!  Unfortunately, he had come out so quickly, his tummy and ears filled with fluid.  He struggled with eating and vomiting, and he failed his hearing test twice.  After having his tummy pumped, we returned after two weeks of being home, letting the fluid settle, he flourished with breastfeeding, and passed his hearing test with flying colors!