Pregnancy Knot: Callin V

Pregnancy Knot Cord

How far along are you in your pregnancy?
29 weeks

How are you feeling physically?
I’m pretty comfortable. Things are obviously starting to stretch and be tighter and there are uncomfortable moments (like during a Braxton-Hicks contraction or when the baby punches a full bladder) but my days are feeling pretty good. Sleep is getting more difficult since I can’t lie on my back and my bladder feels full so easily.

How are you feeling emotionally?
Having a toddler at home, Avelyn is 22 months, certainly distracts from the pregnancy to some degree. I find myself a bit sappier, especially around the topic of siblings, but thankfully I’m pretty solid most of the time. 

How have you been preparing for childbirth? 
Lately I’ve been reading “Siblings without Rivalry” and talking with my daughter about what the new baby will be like and what he or she will do. I’ve been trying to make some changes with Avelyn so that she sleeps more independently and nurses less in preparation for a needier newborn… but that’s not exactly about childbirth.

Since I had a lovely home birth with Avelyn just 22 months ago, I’m already comfortable with the idea of childbirth. I picked up “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth” from the library and plan to also watch some birth videos. Once in a while I’m able to do some yoga, without being climbed on, and I try to recline less, squat more and practice relaxation.

What do you love most about being pregnant?
Growing a human being is such a powerful and special ability. I’m so proud of what my body can do, glad that the baby and I are healthy and thankful to so crucial to this new life. I also like the appreciation given to pregnant women. This is a rare time to be the special one in the mother/child dynamic and I know that once the newborn arrives, he or she will get all the attention. 

Any cravings? 
I don’t have any particular cravings but I do find myself eating primarily carbs. I can’t blame on all on pregnancy, however. 

What makes you feel best right now?
I love prenatal office visits. It’s a whole hour devoted to me, my body, my unborn baby and my thoughts. Sure Avelyn is busy playing in the room, and we listen to her heartbeat and measure her belly too, but mostly I get to connect with how I feel, ease concerns and learn just a little about my baby before it’s born. It’s been a blessing that my health is good, symptoms minimal, growth appropriate and baby sounding good. I leave my visits feeling like I and my body are doing a good job and my baby is doing well.  That’s a good feeling.

Anything else you’d like to share with pregnant mamas?
 Pregnancy is a time of wellness and childbirth is something for which we are designed. This can be an empowering journey to prepare for mothering a unique individual. I look back on Avelyn’s birth and my time carrying her to give me strength, confidence and a reminder of how to stay calm.  Just as we endure discomfort in pregnancy and birth, our children experience pain in growing, changing and learning (for instance, in learning to fall). Just as we have to be strong for our unborn child, we have to be strong for our struggling infants and toddlers. Just as we release control and trust our bodies to bring a baby into the world, we have to allow our little ones to try and learn and test themselves and their environments.