Pregnancy Knot: Nicole

Pregnancy Knot Cord Mama

When is your baby due?

My babe is due March 27, but in Celtic tradition my babe will most likely be born under the same moon she was conceived...which would be March 23, which is also my dear, late granddads birthday. My family is from Northern Ireland and there are lots of birthing traditions in our culture.

What do you love most about being pregnant right now?

The mystery. I am approaching 10 weeks, so I have yet to see my belly expand, feel baby move and experience many of the nuances of pregnancy. I love the anticipation of what is to come.

What makes you feel best right now? 

Hearing my daughter, who will be 3 in a November, sing and talk to her little sibling. I am convinced my little girl was created to be a big sister. Physically, staying active, ginger snaps, sea bands and extra magnesium have greatly helped with my "morning" sickness.

What are some of your struggles?

Keeping up with my daughter. Mostly, trying to stay on the positive side of thought. Before my daughter, I was pregnant with multiples and we lost them during my pregnancy. So those fears haunt me from time to time. I have also seen over 40 births as a doula since my last pregnancy and I feel that has greatly influenced this pregnancy. While the most of what I have seen is normal, healthy birth, it is still more difficult for me to not focus on what could go "wrong" with this pregnancy and birth. I feel that as I keep progressing in this pregnancy these fears are beginning to leave, but they certainly are no fun when they are around! 

What kind of birth do you envision for you and your baby? What are you doing to prepare for it?

We are planning a home birth with a CNM. I imagine this birth being similar to my daughters....full of celtic tradition and spirituality, some moments peaceful and others full of cursing, but mostly I envision feeling supported and comforted by my home and family.

Best advice you've read or heard about pregnancy and childbirth?

Limit your expectations. Pregnancy and birth is a journey that teaches each of us something deeply true about ourselves, and in my belief, about our God. Take the journey with as much as strength and faith as you have and let it mold you and create you into to the mother your child needs.