Pregnancy Knot: Kristin S.

Pregnancy Knot Cord

When is your baby due? How many weeks are you?
Mid-January. 24 weeks. 

What do you love most about being pregnant right now?
I love feeling the baby kick. I also love how at peace and strong I feel - like my body can do anything. Being pregnant has created a new level of mindfulness for me - I don't think I've ever been this present.

What makes you feel best right now? 
Meditating. Enjoying my partner. Focusing on this moment in my pregnancy, working to not worry or anticipate what's next to come. 

What are some of your struggles?
By nature, I am a bit of a worrier. I've had times in my pregnancy, especially in the beginning, when I felt scared and unsure. But I'm enjoying working through this. Physically, I seem to be in that second-trimester "high," where I feel great. So the struggle at the moment is more about preparation - how much time to take off work, how to financially prepare, what to buy and so on.

What kind of birth do you envision for you and your baby? What are you doing to prepare for it?
One thing I have learned through my work as a doula is that, no matter how much you prepare, you have no idea what your labour/birth will be like. It's very important to me that I maintain flexibility and don't set particular expectations. I totally trust that my partner and I will know what decisions need to be made in the moment. Still, I do envision delivering in water. We have a midwife and plan to birth at our birthing centre. We have a doula. I'm reading several books and will be taking a hypnobirthing class. The best book I can recommend (it's teaching me so much about every aspect of life) is Mindful Birthing, by Nancy Berdacke.

Best advice you've read or heard about pregnancy and childbirth?
Trust your instincts and your body - no one knows your baby like you do. Stay flexible and be willing to alter your course of action, you can never know what your baby will need while being born. 

How did you know you were pregnant or how did you find out you were pregnant?
This pregnancy was planned for us. I was rather positive I had conceived as soon as we tried - I felt different right away and started experiencing breast tenderness within days. Although I knew it was too soon, I started testing at 10 days past ovulation. Every single test I took (from the very first) came back positive - stronger and stronger each time. I was totally shocked and totally expecting to be pregnant at the same time. I don't think I've ever been so excited!