Breastfeeding Project: Jessica and Isla

Name and age of your nursling?
Isla, 12 weeks old.

What does breastfeeding mean to you?
Breastfeeding is more to me than just meeting my children’s physical needs- it’s an avenue of reaching them and connecting with them emotionally and spiritually in a way that nothing else does. I love the connection and the bond that breastfeeding creates with my babies. I know that I’ve been given a big responsibility as their mother, and I’ve been blessed with the ability to nourish them, mind, body and spirit in this way. What an important opportunity!  

What do you love most about breastfeeding?
In the exclusive-breastfeeding days, I love the feeling of mutual dependance between my child and me. It might sound strange, but I like that I need my baby just as much as she does- if she doesn’t eat, she’s hungry and I’m uncomfortable! It creates this bond between us early on that I think translates to a more secure attachment later on. It changes, eventually, when they start eating other foods, and finding comfort in other things, but as I’ve seen with my older daughter, that foundation of mutual attachment is already created. It’s a really beautiful thing, and I think God designed it to be like that

Breastfeeding Project Cord
Breastfeeding Project Cord
Breastfeeding Project Cord

Who (or what) has offered you support in your journey?
Our midwife, Jennifer Dossett, and the Mama'hood (specifically Amanda Ogden) have been so supportive! I don't know what I would have done without their support, both with Isla and our older daughter, Evia. 

Any other advice for moms who want to breastfeed?
Seek out help! I think everyone will have reasons that make breastfeeding hard (or next to impossible)- it’s so worth the fight. Find other moms who are successfully breastfeeding, go to breastfeeding support groups (like the one at the Mama’hood in Denver), find a good lactation consultant, read whatever you can to have the best shot at breastfeeding. You’ll thank yourself later, when you find yourself with a million questions you didn’t even know you had!

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