Birth Knot: Bindi's Entrance

BW Bindi.jpeg

It was the morning of my weekly check up with my OB. On the elevator ride up, I got this overwhelming sense of excitement- like something amazing was going to happen. It was almost comparable to the feeling I had seeing that positive pregnancy test after 16 months of trying.

My OB told me I was 4cm and it would be any day now. When I left the office I immediately started having contractions. My first thought? I better gorge on a delicious lunch before this picks up! So off to Panera Bread I went with my mom. I finished my lunch (and hers), and did some shopping at Kohls before I decided I should get home to pack my things. My contractions were about 14 minutes apart when I texted my doula that it was time. Very quickly, my contractions became 7-8 minutes apart.

My mom got to the house at about 5:40pm to watch our son before someone else could relieve her and Josh and I headed to the hospital. Sarah, my doula, was about fifteen minutes behind us.

I walked into labor and delivery and calmly said, "Hello, I'm in labor". So they brought me back to triage and checked me...."ok Kelsie you are 6 centimeters." Oh boy, that made things even more real for me. My contractions at this point were fairly powerful but I was managing (I think 6 months of Braxton Hicks helped prepare my uterus for this). They got me to my birthing room and I was 8 centimeters. I didn't have time to use many of the techniques Sarah had taught us, but I got in my zone being on my hands and knees on the bed. Sarah was behind me using counter pressure. During a contraction I yelled (or felt like I yelled- Sarah and Josh  said I was so quiet during labor!) "I have to push!".  By this time my mom had arrived and was able to help support me as well. Pretty soon it was time for the final phase of getting this sweet girl in my arms. I won't lie, fear kicked in at this point. After about 20minutes of pushing at my own pace, my water finally broke. Yep, I did it; I screamed like the ladies in the movies. I continued to scream until everyone yelled my name to focus because my baby was coming out. As she was coming into the world, my lovely husband had Pandora playing and this song came on at exactly the right time ..."You make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out Of the dust". God was centering me with that. I had put that song lyric into my phone in July thinking about my baby. Isn't it funny how He talks to us? Bindi Raye was born at 8:03pm, just two hours after arriving at the hospital. She was placed on my tummy while we waited for the cord to give my baby more love. She had low oxygen so after they took her away for 30-40minutes a nurse said "let's put her on mama". She latched on and her oxygen went up immediately.

It was the most intense, empowering and quick experience I've ever had. Becoming a Cord Mama before I gave birth was the best thing that God could have brought into my life. I met my doula, many amazing women, and was able to learn so much to prepare myself.