Birth Knot: [Almost] Elevator Delivery

It was Sunday morning, 4 days before my due date and as I was getting ready to leave for church, my water broke ( at 11 am). My husband (Troy) was already at church and I didn't want him to have to leave early, so I sent him a text message saying "Don't make any lunch plans, call me after church."  Contractions began about 30 minutes later and felt like menstrual cramps, coming every 5-10 minutes and lasting about 30 seconds each. He called me at noon and after finding out that my water broke, did his best to stay calm and came straight home.  I figured it would be a very long day and didn't expect to get to meet our son until the next day. I knew it was best to have things to help pass the time, so we started a new TV series (Prison Break) and while watching, timed contractions and I sat on a therapy ball for comfort.  Contractions were starting to get a little stronger, but I was really wanting contractions to pick up, so around 4:00pm Troy and I went on a walk around the park close to our house. It was over 100 degrees that day, but I was able to walk and breathe through contractions.

When we returned from our walk, we called our families (no one knew up to this point that I was even in labor).  Contractions became much stronger and I relied on movement, breathing, and Troy massaging my back for pain relief. All the things I had learned in yoga, Lamaze class, and in books I had read really helped.  I ate and drank throughout the day and enjoyed being home with no pressure and no ticking clock. Around 7:45pm things were very intense and Troy called our doula. We talked to her several times during the day, but I had told her every time that I didn't think we needed her yet as we were managing labor by ourselves (God was helping me maintain calm and get through contractions). She could hear me in the background getting through a contraction and asked if we had made it to the hospital.  When Troy told her we were still home with contractions 1 minute apart and lasting for a minute she insisted we leave right away and she would try to make it there in time to meet us.

The car ride was brutal as I believe I was going through transition and couldn't move like I wanted to. The 15 minute drive to the hospital seemed to take forever. When we finally made it up to L & D (with Troy carrying like 6 bags), they immediately checked me.  The nurse said "oh honey, you are complete." I responded, "but how far dilated am I?"  She smiled, "You are a 10!"  I was so excited that I had made it, now I just hoped that Dr. G. our OBGYN would make it in time.  The nurses made me lay in a bed as they wheeled me up to the 6th floor and got everything ready. That was the most painful part- being flat on my back and I was so glad that I hadn't been stuck in a bed the whole time. I remember asking the nurse if I could just walk up to the delivery floor. She laughed and insisted I stay on the gurney so my baby wouldn't be "born on the elevator." I began pushing within about 40 minutes. I started pushing in a tall kneeling position, holding on to the back of the bed but his heart rate was dropping, so I changed to a sidelying position. Kallen was born (only an hour and a half after arriving at the hospital).  He was on my chest, healthy, and perfect.  The cord was wrapped around his neck but Dr. G was able to promptly remove it without any problems. Troy and I couldn't have been more thrilled or more in love with this miracle God had blessed us with! After a year of trying to conceive and some fertility medication our dream of becoming parents was finally here!!!

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