Birth Knot: The Driving Transition

Each week at cord, we share a reader's birth story. We believe there is power in sharing your experience with other women. Today, we're sharing a birth knot from a reader in Oklahoma. If you're interested in sharing your birth story, email Kelsey at

My due date (January 7th) came and went with no sign of labor coming anytime soon. My first child was born 4 days early, and I assumed Kora would be born in a similar time table - but she had other plans.  I wanted to avoid induction and was determined to wait out for God's timing. The days turned into weeks, and at my 42 week appointment I knew that I only had a few more days before being induced would have to happen. At 4:30pm, Troy and I went to my appointment with Dr G. and after discussing possible options, decided to try a foley balloon catheter placed to encourage cervical dilation. Dr. G. told us that 50% of women have their babies within 24 hours of the catheter being inserted, so it seemed like a good option and worth trying.  Troy and I head to Chili's for dinner and ask my parents to keep Kallen overnight just in case. By 5:30 pm, mild contractions started and were coming every 10-15 minutes, and by 7:10 pm contractions were getting a little stronger and coming every 5-15 minutes.  

At 8:00pm the foley catheter fell out when I went to the bathroom, which was a sign of progress! I was still unsure if this was true labor and was worried that I wouldn't continue to progress.  Troy and I watched some TV (Homeland) and I stayed comfortable through contractions bouncing on the exercise ball, having to stop and breath through a few. 

Around 10:50pm, Troy took a nap so he could be ready to help me when I really needed it.  During that time I took a short bath and had several contractions in a row (2-3 in a 5 minute period) that were very strong, but not lasting very long (30 seconds). I tried to lie down and rest per my doula's suggestion, but one contraction in bed and I knew I had to be up moving around.  I talked to my doula and we decided she better head our way since she had an hour and 20 minute drive.

11:55 pm: Troy called our doula to tell her that I was asking if I should go to the hospital. At this point my contractions were coming very close together and were very intense, requiring me to lean over the island and breath/moan through each one. They were lasting about 45 seconds. I knew things were getting real and happening quickly so Troy was running around getting all of our bags in the car and making phone calls to Dr G, our doula, our families, a friend who was going to take pictures for us, and a friend that was going to go stay with Kallen who was asleep at my parents house. 

12:30 am: We arrived at the hospital ( I went through transition in the car - AGAIN and it was the worst part for sure). Troy was super helpful and continued to rub my back and encourage me through contractions while also driving like a mad man to get to the hospital. In my crazy state I told Troy the wrong entrance as it was so late and we went to the front doors which were locked.  When we discovered the front doors were locked, Troy went to get the car and I had a panicked moment thinking I was going to have the baby in front of the hospita by myself with no one around. He pulled around and we headed toward the ER entrance. Right when we parked i felt pressure and thought this is my water or i'm having this baby in the car right now... thankfully, my water broke. I told Troy to get a gurney from ER as there was no way I could walk upstairs.  After arguing with the ER nurse about getting on the gurney I pull my pants down and declare "I am going to push"  The nurse discovers I am crowning and we begin yelling back and forth "Don't push", "I have to push." At this point I didn't care who was around or what else was going on. I was later thankful that since it was close to one in the morning the hopsital hallways were pretty much empty. We made it up to L&D and the nurses took over and were fantastic. 

12:50am: My doula arrives and I am pushing as I feel the urge on all fours. Everyone in the room was very respectful and let me do whatever I wanted. They didn't even make me have an IV in my hand which was great! Troy was amazing and performed counter pressure on my hips and low back during contractions. In between contractions I rested, chatted, drank water, and stripped off my shirt when I got hot. 

1:04am: Kora Adelyn enters the world - She is pink, beautiful, and screaming. I mean, really, really screaming. This should have been an indication that she would be a little dramatic.

I was still on all fours and say "I can't see her, help me turn over." Then as she is placed on my chest, "Oh, there you are, my girl, Hi there baby" She begins to calm down as she is on my chest and I talk to her. Then I ask "Did anyone check to see if she's really a girl?" Dr G looks and She IS a girl! Troys eyes fill with tears as he is overcome with emotion, he soon bends down and prays over his two girls. 

I had a 2nd degree tear, hated getting stiched up, and delivered the placenta around 1:30am. My Dr was so patient and waiting for the placenta. It was another amazing experience. I loved being able to be an active part of bringing our daughter into the world and was so thankful for the support system around me and that I wasn't pressured into having any sort of interventions.  I thank God every day for my little girl (who is now ONE- and still a little dramatic) and my son (who is now 3)! 

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