Breastfeeding Project: Betsy and Davis

The Colorado Breastfeeding Project seeks to empower and encourage breastfeeding mamas. We share breastfeeding photographs and stories each week. We're excited to share Betsy and Davis' story today. 

Name and age of your nursling?

Davis Bradley, 9.5 months

What does breastfeeding mean to you?

When I was pregnant I knew I wanted to breastfeed for as long as it worked for both of us. it was really important to me and I hoped it would go okay.  After I had Davis, our rhythm and connection formed fairly effortlessly and we had little issue so it meant I could relax and truly enjoy feeding my baby. The countless hours spent nursing him to sleep are some of my favorite memories from the past 9 months. Now as I look back at the journey I am extremely proud, grateful and happy that I made sacrifices in my life to make our breastfeeding relationship a priority because it is so worth it. 

What has been your biggest breastfeeding challenge?

Davis has always been thin (long and skinny) so I have had to really be sure that he is getting enough milk and early on offering frequently so my supply wouldn't drop. He is definitely a snacker and likes to get most of his milk in-take at night. 

What do you love most about breastfeeding?

I love that I have this amazing tool to feed, love and comfort my baby always. The act of breastfeeding feels so natural to me that at this point it is such a normal act. I just love how it became a part of my life. 

Who (or what) has offered you support in your journey?

I am fortunate to have/had lots of support throughout my breastfeeding journey and I know it is a big reason that I have had success and been so confident in my choice. Starting with Nurse Deb in the hospital after I delivered as baby Davis latched right away. The feeling I had when he first latched is ingrained into my mind as being this crazy instant connection between me and baby, which I think was so helpful to the process. My mom, who breastfed both myself and my brother, encouraged me to breastfeed Davis as for as long as I could. My mother-in-law who breastfed my husband for 2 years and who kind of creepily (in a loving way) liked to watch me breastfeed baby at 3 weeks. My husband, Jensen, who on so many occasions during those first months brought me my nursing pillow, filled my water and let me have control over the TV to now a days when he hands me Davis and says, he needs the "nay nay." He recognizes and acknowledges the power of breastfeeding for sure! I also attended a breastfeeding group almost every week while Davis was 1-4 months. I really liked chatting to other moms, tracking baby's weight and just being in a supported environment while navigating breastfeeding a newborn.

Any other advice for moms who want to breastfeed?

1. Get educated prior to giving birth.

2. Nurse ALL THE TIME after birth skin to skin.

3. Surround yourself by supportive people (spouse, friends, family, support group) 

4. Call a lactation consultant or attend a breastfeeding group if you need help. 

5. Be confident in your choice to feed your baby, wherever and whenever.

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