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Pregnancy Knot: Lindsey Brown

Pregnancy Knot Cord

How far along are you in your pregnancy?
I am 33 weeks along. Due on Christmas Eve!

How are you feeling physically?
Physically I’m doing pretty well, though sleep has started to evade me these last couple of weeks. I get situated in my pillow fort and fall asleep fairly quickly, but I wake up to my hips screaming about every hour. I’ve been trying to stretch before bed, but I’m afraid the joint pain might be here to stay until this kiddo arrives. Luckily, I’ve got a pretty sweet waddle going!

How are you feeling emotionally?
Emotionally I’m great! I haven’t had any major mood swings or emotional issues at all, which is a huge blessing because I’ve struggled with depression most of my adult life. When my husband and I were gearing up to “try,” as they say, we consulted with my doctor and collectively decided that I should switch to an SSRI (the class of antidepressants with the fewest side effects for pregnant women) and stay on it for the duration of my pregnancy. It was a difficult decision, but we ultimately concluded that the benefits of my feeling well and taking care of myself outweighed the potential risks. And for me it was definitely the right decision! I feel great and just can’t wait to meet our son!

How have you been preparing for childbirth?
We’ve read a number of books (many of which I tossed out the window a few chapters in), and we’ve just started to take some classes. Last weekend we took a breastfeeding class at the hospital, which was very informative and helpful. We’re also signed up for two 6-hour childbirth classes (woof), a baby basics class (for my sweet husband who has never changed a diaper), and an infant CPR and choking class. Other than that, we’ve been preparing our home and trying to spend a lot of good quality time together before everything changes. We took a quick little weekend babymoon trip to the mountains this past weekend, which was so lovely and refreshing (especially my prenatal massage)!

What do you love most about being pregnant?
Two things. 

The first is feeling him move in my belly. I love to sit in the nursery glider, feel him dance around, and daydream about which of his father’s features he’ll have and what kind of a person he’ll be. I know I’ll miss that when he’s born. 

I also love it when my husband interacts with him. I know he feels somewhat removed from the whole process, which I suppose is only natural. But he makes a good effort to connect with the kiddo however he can. Finding out the baby’s sex and choosing a name (Calvin—adorable, I know) was a big step that helped my husband feel involved and invested. And for the last couple of months, he has been talking to Calvin and reading to him every night before bed. I absolutely love it. I can’t wait to see my husband as a father. I think my heart might explode.

Any cravings?
None at all! It’s about the only stereotypical symptom I haven’t had. Occasionally I’ll think, “fruit would be nice.” But that was a pretty common pre-baby sentiment as well, so I don’t think it counts!

What makes you feel best right now?
Downtime at home with my husband and pup. It sounds simple, but I’m currently working 12-hour days. So when I get a chance to chill out with my favorites, it’s the best!