Beautiful Birth Photography

Beautiful Birth Photography: the Best View in the World

When you think about giving birth, what moment comes to mind? 

I immediately go to that first moment that you have your baby in your arms and you're finally able to look down and marvel at the child that you've carried in your body for nearly a year. Without exaggeration, it's the best view in the world. Today on cord, we're sharing twelve beautiful birth photographs that demonstrate just how great that view can be. 

Whether you give birth at a hospital, birth center, or at home...this moment is matchless. Whether you have a cesarean birth or an unmedicated vaginal birth...this moment will take your breath away. 

We'd also love to see your best view in the world so after looking through these images, hop over to our facebook page and post a picture on our wall. We'll be sharing our favorites throughout the week! 

All photographs are owned by Monet Nicole - Birthing Stories. Please contact her ( for permission to republish. 

Beautiful Birth Photography: the Best View in the World