Denver VBAC

Inspiring Denver VBAC

We love sharing birth stories on cord. Images, words, and film. Today, we're sharing one of my favorite birth stories I've captured as a Denver Birth Photographer...the birth of baby Clementine. 

Clementine's mama is one of my dearest friends. Jennifer Mason is a fellow Denver Birth Photographer, and we back each other up throughout the year. When I found out she was pregnant...I could not contain my excitement. I knew this birth would be both healing and redemptive. 

Jennifer's first birth had gone very differently than she had planned. A transfer from the birth center led to a c-section. She didn't get to see many of those "first moments" that we come to long for during pregnancy. Her experience ignited her passion for birth photography because she didn't want other mothers to miss out on those moments like she had. 

Jennifer planned and prepared for her VBAC. She knew what she wanted...a mother-centered experience...and she got it. I hope you find this birth video as inspirational as I do!

Film by: Monet Nicole - Birthing Stories