Phoebe Wahl

Inspired: Phoebe Wahl

I first discovered one of Phoebe's illustrations a few years ago. I fell in love at first sight. Both visceral and spiritual, her work touches me and many others in deep places. When my family and I went to Portland over the summer, I reached out to her...never thinking she'd actually welcome us into her beautiful studio and home. Phoebe has a wide range of subjects, but what I wanted to share with you was her work surrounding birth. Although not a mother yet, Phoebe recalls with fondness the breastfeeding relationship she and her sister had with their mother. As you can see, she depicts women fully, celebrating the parts of us that are so often hidden in shame. I only hope that my little Lulu will grow up to be as empowered and inspired as Phoebe (and perhaps also channel some of her creative energy to help support and encourage women in their journey). Enjoy. You can find more of Phoebe's work here. And guess what? Her Esty shop reopens in just a few more days. 
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