colorado birth story

Cord Birth Story: a Twin Birth at the University of Colorado

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When were your babies due? : 4/5/2016

When were your babies born?: 3/16/2016

Where did you decide to have your babies? Why did you choose this delivery location?: University of Colorado hospital because I am a nurse there in the surgical trauma intensive care unit.

What did you do to prepare for your birth? : Read a few books, took on online class for twins, prenatal massage, prenatal yoga, riding stationary bike

Tell us what happened! : When I was 18 they told me I would never have children, and while my husband and I were salmon fishing in Alaska I began to not feel like myself. I told my husband I wanted to take a pregnancy test and he was very hesitant because he did not want to ruin our trip by taking a test that we already knew the answers to. After a bit of coaxing we took a test in a brewery, that way if it was negative again we could tip back a few to lessen the sting. When it came back positive in the bathroom stall the whole world tilted. Finally we were going to be parents. (We had just begun the adoption process and were so ready to have a little one in the upcoming years) We spent the rest of our vacation day-dreaming, naming and getting more excited than I care to admit. When we got home, I made an appointment with a midwife at the hospital for which I currently work as a nurse in an intensive care unit. We both walked in holding our breath and praying the heartbeat was strong. The sweet midwife answered some of my questions. (I was suppose to be leading a medical trip to Ghana in the upcoming months and wanted her opinion on whether or not I should go and was suppose to be running a half marathon that weekend and wanted to make sure I could still participate) She began the ultrasound and had a puzzled look on her face and our hearts sank. I took a deep breath and told her that we both worked in the medical profession and could handle whatever news she had for us. She said she wanted us to get a better ultrasound immediately because... She could not officially diagnose twins.. (Insert record scratching noise here) We were floored, thrilled, terrified and elated all at once. For the next six and a half months we held our breath, scared our good fortune would run out. I did not go to Ghana, I did walk the half marathon and threw up two to four times a day for the length of my pregnancy. But on, March 16, thirteen years after I was told I couldn't have kids, six years after my amazing husband and I tried but not tried to get pregnant, and six months after we found out about our doubling family, Grant and Clark came into the world. It was a mildly scary birth, filled with major blood loss, NICU time and scaring my husband more than he cares to admit, but they are here, they are healthy and they are perfect.

What surprised you most about your birth? : One of my best friends was working on the labor and delivery floor that day and got to be with my husband and I during our c-section. We will forever be joined by thoes powerful moments.

What are you glad that you did during your birth? : Had a plan to not have a plan. Not having a birth plan set the stage that I wouldn't be disappointed. I had an idea of how I wanted things to go but the situation turned out beautifully and my birth story is still positive and perfect.

What would you do differently? : Not let the lactation consultant get me so frazzled. She and I didn't get along well and I should have used my voice to ask for someone different.

What's the best advice you received about birth? : Happiness in any situation is a choice. Choose to make this moment a positive one and anything that happens will always have a happy ending for your family.