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Cord Birth Story: the Early Hospital Birth of Second Baby

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Cord Birth Story: Early Hospital Birth

When was your baby due? : 1/31/2016

When was your baby born?: 1/11/2016

Where did you decide to have your baby? Why did you choose this delivery location?: The hospital, we chose this location because this is where our CNM delivers at. I had my daughter at this hospital and had had a great experience.

What did you do to prepare for your birth? : For my birth I hired a doula and went over the paperwork from a previous child birthing class I had attended for my daughter, I had a hospital bag partially packed and finished that while I was in labor.

Tell us what happened! Please feel free to write as much or as little as you'd like about your birth story. : The night of my baby shower January 9th I started to feel my contractions were different, there weren't the same Braxton hicks I had been having; they were starting to feel like productive, cervix-opening contractions. I had a small amount of bloody show and told my husband things were starting, the very beginning of early stage labor, but starting nonetheless. I took some Tylenol so I could sleep through the mild contractions and get as much energy as I possibly could. WhenI woke up, I didn't go to church. I stayed home and breathed through the contractions and slept when I could. When my husband and daughter got home they asked if I wanted to go to brunch to celebrate our brother-in-laws birthday, I decided to go to keep my mind off of the pain and to eat one last full meal. During the meal my husband and I sat next to each other. I'd nudge him in the elbow and he would start and stop the contraction timer app on his phone. When we got home it was time for my 2 year old to nap. My husband put her down and I started to work through my contractions on the yoga ball. Throughout her nap the contractions started to get a rhythm to them, around the same length and time apart, things seemed to move quicker than my previous labor had. At that time my 2 year old woke up and I was in more pain than I had been when she went to bed. She could sense it and just wanted to snuggle up to me splay her arms and legs and whine like she was the one in labor. My rhythm was totally gone, throughout this labor every change of scenery or situation would stall it, none as bad as my daughter getting up from nap. At that time we had my mother-in-law come pick her up to play at her house. My husband and I continued to labor at home for quite some time until we called our doula for advice. At the time she showed up I was just getting in the tub to try to ease the pain of the contractions. When she got there we decided that since this was my second child we should go in earlier than I had with my last birth. I got out of the tub and we went straight to the hospital. On the way there I was I good spirits it was only 7:00  an hour earlier than I had headed to the hospital when I was having my daughter. In triage that all changed. My cervical dilation was only a 4 and with the transition into the brightness of the hospital my contractions lost their steady rhythm once again. We walked around for an hour and came back to be checked again, only a 4.5. At this point I became very discouraged, the timeline seemed the same as my previous birth but I was actually progressing much slower. The nurses were trying to talk me into going back home. I really thought through the choice, but what would it mean? The 20 minute car ride each way and then laboring at home and not wanting to be sent back again... I just didn't want to go through more transitions than I had to. My midwife came in and agreed with me so I was admitted and got set up in my room. I promptly got into the tub, my safe place. The tub for me took the bite off each contraction. Of course there was pain but it wasn't the blinding pain I had without the water. In the laboring tub I could see the progress each contraction was making. I started to feel too hot in the tub so I got out, this was the point where I felt defeated, I had thrown up a few times already and my mind went right back to the birth of my daughter where I was too tired to push any harder and ended up being coaxed into an episiotomy which had become a serious obstruction in my life. I was losing my energy and starting to shake. I knew I couldn't handle this intensity for very long, and having last been checked at a "stretchy" 4.5 I was beginning to think IV pain medication would take off the edge, let me sleep, and finish the job. Just as I was about to make the decision I asked to be checked again for dilation. I was an 8! Knowing I was so close I became determined. I no longer wished for pain meds. I knew it wouldn't be much longer and I would have my baby in my arms. My midwife was called and because I was in transition (which can be a mental blur for a mom) the time between being checked and starting to push is blurry. I remember being on hands and knees in the bed and pushing. This time I knew what to do, I didn't need anyone to tell me to breathe my baby down or to save my energy for pushing not screaming. This time having my baby I went into my body and let it do the work. My water broke with such force that even in my state I had to look to see what happened. Everyone in the room was wet including myself! The pushing continued. I had heard of "the ring of fire" before but it was something I just never experienced with my daughter. My son danced from being in and out. I remember saying "pick a side! You can be in or out but you can't stay there" I soon began to push much more fiercely as I wanted to be done. One last ouch and he was out! I turned around to lay down and hold my baby boy. His cord was so long he was able to nurse before the placenta delivered. I had a one degree tear on top of that damn episiotomy scar that required one stitch for bleeding. I was given litocain and my son heard his very first curse word. He ended up being born at 12:20 am 10 minuets later than his sister at 12:10 am. Throughout this labor I kept on comparing it to my previous birth. For me it wasn't helpful because I focused on the negative. Now I can see that each labor and birth were all their own. The time was just a coincidence.

What surprised you most about your birth? : I was surprised how I let information get me down. I know a woman can go from a 2 to an 8 in an hour but I let the nurse make me feel like I wasn't far along and that I wasn't going to have my baby soon.

What are you glad that you did during your birth? : I am glad that I hired a doula. I didn't want to have to worry about my husbands well being while I'm in labor. She was able to give him a break when needed or to teach him how to comfort me better.

What would you do differently? : If I were to do anything differently I would pay less attention to the clock and stop comparing this birth with the last.

What's the best advice you received about birth? : The best advice I revived actually wasn't about birth. I had given birth before and I wasn't afraid of it, I was afraid of having two kids, that my daughter would resent me or that my son wouldn't get all of my love and attention. I was afraid I wouldn't be good at being a mom of 2, that it would be so hard when we got home. I longed for my son to already be walking so it would be easier. My mom told me "Jayme it doesn't get easier it just gets different" this helped me to enjoy each aspect of motherhood, to enjoy the newborn stage with my son even if it seemed hard.

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