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Birth Abroad: Hawaii

We lived in Maui, Hawaii when we decided to have a child. At 34 weeks I went in to the doctors office for an appointment since the day before I thought I lost my mucus plug. After meeting with the doctor and being examined, we learned that I had in fact lost my mucus plug and was 2 cm dilated. The doctor told me that I needed to go to the hospital. Upon arriving there they gave me a steroid injection to help my baby's lungs develop and then gave me a shot to stop the contractions. The next step was to send me to the island of Oahu since Maui has no NICU and is not able to care for a pre mature babies. 

Here comes the exciting part. I was put in an ambulance, brought to the airport then loaded onto a private jet. Yep, a private medical jet! Upon arriving in Oahu, we received another ambulance ride to Kapiolani Hospital. The doctors conducted multiple ultrasounds and other tests to make sure baby and I were healthy. Fortunately, by this time, my contractions had stopped. Amazingly, during this entire process, I felt no anxiety or worry - I knew in my heart everything would be ok. 

Despite the fact that we have been transported to an entirely different island, away from our home, since baby and I were healthy, the hospital attempted to discharge me. We informed them that we could not afford a hotel on the island which is an average cost of 200.00 and up a night, and did not have a car. In addition, because we left in such a hurry, we left Maui with only a small backpack and no additional provisions.Fortunately, they understood our situation and allowed us to stay the night. 

It was an enormous blessing we stayed in the hospital because, during that night, I started having contractions about twenty-four hours after I had been given the shot to stop the contractions. I had to be on monitors so it made it hard to be mobile, but I tried. I walked in circles, did funny dances and threw all modesty to the wind. My husband felt the need to keep covering me up as I charged around the room naked. So sweet of him. I got in the shower every single time the nurses would let me off the monitor.  
We took birthing classes which showed, Dustin, my husband how to do a lot of massages. That was so helpful. After 13 hours of birth and him massaging me at least 12 of those hours, my water broke and she slid right into my canal. Three pushes and my little girl was born 5 lbs 1 oz., 6 weeks early. I did it! A natural birth and no medications. The funny part is when I began caving on the pain medicine, she came 30 minutes after. Thank you, honey, for telling me I can hang in there. 

My daughter spent one week in the NICU then we were sent home, scared out of minds, but happier than we have ever been in our lives. As for breastfeeding, I had no support on the island, but I tried and tried. I became best friends with my pump. I lived by it and a thre hour alarm on my phone.  I made it to 6 months!

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