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Cord Doula Collective Services

In 2013, Kelsey Gossett and Monet Moutrie launched Cord, a safe space to share Colorado pregnancy, birth, and motherhood journeysWe seek to provide families in Colorado with compassionate and professional support during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. (And oh yes, we still manage our blog, which reaches well over 200,000 women each month)! Our amazing doula team is comprised of: 

 Denver Doulas

who specialize in VBACs, unmedicated births, c-section births, epidural births, hospital births, birth center births, and home birth.

Fort Collins Doulas

who have worked in hospitals and homes, with women who want unmedicated birth, medicated birth, and VBACs.

Boulder Doulas

who provide support for home births, hospital births and birth center births. 

We also serve families in Boulder and Castle Rock. Each Cord doula provides physical, emotional, and educational support to families during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journeys. 

Services Offered:

Cord Doulas: 

  • Believe birth is a life-chaning, transformative experience. 
  • Understand the physiology and psychology of birth.
  • Provide empowering support regardless of birth preferences - medicated or unmedicated; vaginal or cesarean.
  • Help women and their partners prepare and carry out their unique plans for birth.
  • Provide emotional support, physical comfort, and objective information.
  • Facilitate positive communication between laboring mother, partner, and care providers.
  • Help preserve the memory of the mother's birth experience through birth photography.
  • Ensure mom has the tools needed to establish a healthy breastfeeding relationship and postpartum experience. 
  • Meet our lovely team of cord doulas here!

What Makes the Cord Doula Collective Unique?

  • Each cord doula is surrounded by a support team, mentorship relationships, and access to continuing education opportunities throughout the state of Colorado. This ensures your doula has both the tools and support she needs to best serve you and your family.
  • Each cord client is invited to join both a physical and online community where they can meet other moms in similar stages of pregnancy or motherhood.
    • Cord clients have access to monthly prenatal Mama Mingler Meet Ups in Colorado Springs and Denver: an opportunity for women to socialize while learning about a pregnancy/birth related topic.
    • Cord clients have access to postpartum Birth Story Processing Circles: a safe space to share your birth story and lead by a certified Birth Story Listener. 
    • Cord clients are welcomed with open arms into our safe, non-judgmental, private online Facebook group.
  • The Cord Doula Collective believes that our differences make us stronger. We hire women in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and Boulder with a variety of backgrounds, personalities, and trainings to ensure that we can both learn from one another and offer our clients an ideal match for their unique family and birth goals.

Packages and Pricing

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