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Night Nanny and Sleep Support

Few things can more dramatically affect your postpartum experience than sleep. No matter if you have a brand-new, squishy baby or if you are months into your patenting journey, our trained Night Nanny team can provide you the freedom you need to get a much-needed full night of sleep. A well-rested mama is one of the best gifts you give your child, enabling you to be present and engaged with your child during the day! Research also supports that a chronically sleep-deprived mama is at a greater risk of postpartum depression

Imagine snuggling into bed for eight-twelve straight hours, resting peacefully knowing that your child is being loved, snuggled, fed and cared for by a professional in newborn care!

Our Night Nanny team provide the following services:

  • Preparing and feeding baby pumped breastmilk or formula
  • Burping baby
  • Rocking or walking baby back to sleep
  • Overnight diaper changes
  • Baby wearing or swaddling for comfort
  • Light housework such as washing and sanitizing bottles and breast pump equipment and doing baby laundry

Need a Night Nanny for multiples? We've got you covered! Our Night Nannies have gone through specialized training to equip them to provide care to both singles and multiples!

Learn more about our lovely team of cord doulas here!

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