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Placenta Encapsulation Services

Research on placenta consumption suggests the following:

  • Reduces postpartum bleeding
  • Speeds up postpartum recovery
  • Boosts energy
  • Alleviates postpartum “blues”
  • Increases milk production 
  • Increases protein and lactose compilation in breastmilk
  • Provides postpartum pain relief

The placenta is brimming of life-giving, energizing hormones, iron, protein and chemicals. Our placenta specialists gently and safely prepare your placenta by thoroughly cleaning it and removing all membranes. They then either steam it (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or prepare it raw. After drying the placenta, it is then ground into a fine powder and encapsulated for easy consumption. 

Cord Doula Collective also offers the option of either in-home encapsulation, where our encapsulation specialist comes to your home and provides the service there! Or, or out-of-home encapsulation, where the placenta encapsulations specialist retrieves your placenta, and encapsulates it offsite.

Cord Collective Placenta Services:

  • Encapsulation (raw or Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  • In-home or Out-of-Home Encapsulation
  • Pick-up/Delivery
  • Added Personalized Herbal Blend
  • Cord Keepsake
  • Placenta Print Keepsake
  • Mother’s Healing Salve (2oz)
  • Mother’s Tincture (4oz)

Learn more about our lovely team of cord doulas here!

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Packages and Pricing

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