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Postpartum Doula Services

Many moms are caught off guard by the physically and emotionally taxing demand of the postpartum period. With a brand-new baby, the physical challenges of birth, and the possible challenges of breastfeeding, postpartum healing, infant care, baby blues, and sibling transition, the postpartum period can be marked by exhaustion, disillusionment and discouragement. Our uniquely trained doulas can provide education and relief to transform this period into the “babymoon” it is meant to be, and provide you the opportunity to rest and enjoy the newest addition to your family.  

Whether you have a brand-new baby or are months into your parenting journey, our team of postpartum doulas and night nannies can provide you with the support, education and relief you need to truly enjoy your postpartum season! 

A few of the possible tasks your postpartum doula may provide include: breastfeeding/bottle-feeding support, infant care, baby-wearing, family transition with older siblings, infant soothing techniques, nursery organization, light housework, meal preparation, nearby errands, laundry and more. 

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